Hyperspectral Solutions

Hyperspectral Solutions

Immediate detection and identification of materials, compounds and organisms
Identify multiple substances of interest on the fly
Real-time substance detection in dynamic environments
Spectral solutions available from Visible through Short Wave Infrared (SWIR)
Stand-off detection out to thousands of feet
Trace detection down to 1% of the pixel
Any industry, any platform
Processing times
Max 2 seconds
Multiple devices
Non-destructive evaluation
Reveal the concealed

Textron Systems’ hyperspectral solutions offer a broad range of imaging applications that detect light at resolutions upwards of 100 times greater than the human eye. Our products include both sensors and real-time data processors to support your application. The hyperspectral imagers can be handheld or integrated while being operated in a wide variety of industries and locations to meet various unique requirements. The small, affordable data processing units use robust automated detection software to process large amounts of high-resolution data in real time, providing a true discriminator in hyperspectral imaging.

Additional Features

Orthorectify images
Enhanced visualization
Flexible pricing and support options