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A family of multi-domain control and collaboration technologies that empower situational awareness and informed action



We have been a leading global provider of unmanned systems for decades. Our ground control and remote systems have delivered millions of service hours around the world, giving operators and stakeholders the information they need to plan and execute their missions. From this expertise comes the Synturian® family of multi-vehicle control and collaboration technologies, a brand-new and mission-forward way to interact with your unmanned systems across domains.

  • Supports mission planning
  • Camera control with full motion video (FMV) and 2D/3D visualization
  • Real time ADS-B and AIS display
  • Supports standard map formats to include digital charts


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    Synturian® Control
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Synturian® Control
Synturian® Remote


  • Family of multi-domain control and collaboration technologies
  • Empowers situational awareness and informed action through open architecture
  • Intuitive, scalable capability in the smallest form factors
  • Modular open systems architecture

Synturian® Control

Synturian Control delivers intuitive control and collaboration of multiple air, land and sea assets at the point of action. Users can select from a variety of controllers, including keyboard, game controllers and touch screens.

  • Multi-platform, multi-vehicle, multi-domain control system that enhances collaboration and dissemination of information
  • Universal interface gives users the same experience across all controlled assets
  • Map-centric view that brings mission information forward and automates platform status in the background
  • Service Oriented Architecture supports future growth and leverages best of breed capabilities

Protocol Compatibility & Standards Alignment: 

  • STANAG 4586
  • MAVLink
  • JAUS
  • Piccolo
  • CloudCap TASE
  • Unmanned Systems (UxS) Control Segment (UCS)
  • FACE

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Synturian® Remote

Synturian® Remote, a lightweight Android® application leveraging the success of our OSRVT, enhances collaboration and awareness at the point of action. This software is compatible with a variety of hardware configurations.

  • Mobile, network-strengthened tools enhance situational awareness through timely information and collaboration
  • Allows collaboration on payload direction and navigation
  • Intuitive interface leverages ease and speed of universal smart phones and tablets
  • Provides user control of payload and navigation path
  • Enables teaming and collaboration between unmanned systems, manned aircraft and dismounted teams

Payload Capability: 

  • Exploitation
  • Visualization
  • Dissemination
  • Control

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