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RF Range Simulators

Portable Range Threat Simulator (PRTS) and High-Power Portable Range Threat Simulator (HRPRTS)

RF Range Simulators


Our operational range simulation systems deliver the same rich, high-fidelity environment enjoyed in systems integration laboratories and on flight lines to training ranges for seamless interoperability and maximized training outcomes.


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Portable Range Threat Simulator

The Portable Range Threat Simulator (PRTS) is a modular package that is designed to be an affordable, transportable long-range training tool. PRTS is capable of generating complex, multispectral signals for search, launch, track and other scenarios. It offers multispectral capability including ultraviolet (UV), radio frequency (RF) and electro-optic/infrared (EO/IR).


High-Power Portable  Range Threat Simulator

The High-Power Portable Range Threat Simulator (HPRTS) offers multispectral threat generation capability, including radio frequency (RF), ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR). The system includes manual and automatic optical tracking, with both day and night systems.

Our HPRTS system is designed to be easily transported to remote field sites and requires a small footprint for setup. The system includes its own generator, making it completely self-sufficient in the field.

  • Automated aircraft tracking
  • Allows vertical integration with Model 527, Lab JSECST, and A2PATS products
  • Generates complex signals and scenarios
  • Trailer-mounted for ease of transport
  • Multispectral capability, including UV and IR
  • Operates in pulse modes


Product Name Product Category
Portable Range Threat Simulator (PRTS) 77155-40000-10
High Power Portable Range Threat Simulator (HPRTS) 77155-40100-10


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