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LTV Survivability Upgrade Kit

Light Tactical Vehicle Survivability Upgrade Kit (LTV)

LTV Survivability Upgrade Kit


Textron Systems' LTV survivability upgrade kit offers significantly improved kinetic and blast protection in combination with superior mobility. It consists of a patented monocoque, V-hull capsule with engine, transmission and suspension upgrades that seamlessly integrate and convert a light tactical vehicle into a vastly improved, multi-mission-capable platform. Our innovative solution is designed and built to excel on today’s intrinsically demanding battlefield.

  • Advanced armor capsule design with V-shaped hull for enhanced protection
  • Integrates with existing LTV variants, while retaining significant parts commonality
  • Improved crew survivability, proven by superior performance during ballistic and blast testing
  • Available for in-country co-production (subject to U.S. government approval)
  • Increased horsepower and performance enhancements for superb off-road mobility

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