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Advanced Radar/Electronic Warfare Test Station



Textron Systems' ARTS is designed with multifaceted capabilities that allow the automated test equipment to test ­­­­a wide variety of electronic warfare (EW) and avionics equipment, ensuring functionality of installed systems and enhancing the warfighter’s ability to fly with confidence.

Developed to replace multiple legacy test stations that have experienced vanishing original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), parts obsolescence and outdated architecture, our ARTS integrated design reduces the test station footprint by at least 67% and test execution times by as much as 90%.

  • Unique measurement software provides fully automated analysis of Unit Under Test (UUT) performance
  • Performs computer-aided diagnostics with minimal operator interaction
  • Automatic self test monitors and verifies station functional performance
  • Annual user calibration confirms instrument performance and makes adjustments as necessary
  • Platform independent, can be adapted to any EW or avionic system

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