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Advanced Architecture Phase Amplitude and Time Simulator


Our Advanced Architecture Phase, Amplitude and Time Simulator (A2PATS) product is an electromagnetic environment simulator. The A2PATS product line is built upon our open-architecture, direct digital synthesizer technology coupled with our proven user interface. Our easily programmable, plug-and-play architecture uses identical, phase coherent, direct digital Synthetic Stimulus Instruments (SSIs) as the radio frequency (RF) source for all signals.

  • Generates high-fidelity emitters in a high-density environment
  • Plug-and-play, modular design for system flexibility
  • Modern user 2D/3D interface
  • Generate modern communication and radar emitters with complex antenna scans
  • Advanced direct port architecture with continuous, real-time alignment

Additional Features:

  • Pulse Range Interval
    • 512 nd to 1.0 s/20 ps+-1.0 ns
  • Pulse Width Range
    • 20 ns to 1.0s/20 ps+-1.0 ns
  • Spurs & Harmonics
    • -75 dBc (typ)/-70 dBc (max)
  • Noise Floor
    • -95 dBm/MHz (no signal present)
  • Frequency Resolution/Accuracy
    • 0.022º/1.7º RMS
  • Testing
    • Direct inject or radiated testing
  • Chirp
    • Wideband chirp across full frequency range


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Portable and Affordable Solution for Complex Signal Generation

Our Advanced Architecture Desktop Signal Generator (A2DSG™) provides a small, affordable, portable signal generation capability for signal development, signal test and signal verification and validation (V&V) of pulse-based and communications signals of interest. Textron Systems' unique, plug-and-play architecture uses direct digital SSIs as the RF source for all signals. The configurable A2DSG and intuitive 3D graphical user interface with enhanced visualization provide all the capability sized for your needs, affordably priced to complement any budget.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy system expansion through the addition of our commercially available SSI modules
  • Allows long periods of simulation time without external calibration procedures
  • Varying numbers of identical SSIs in each port enable stringent testing scenarios with pulse densities exceeding eight million pulses per second
  • Non-ITAR


Product Part Number
Mini A2PATS (1 SSI) 40354-40320-10
Mini A2PATS -150 (1 SSI) 40354-40320-110
Mini A2PATS (2 SSls) 40354-40320-20
Mini A2PATS -150 (2 SSls) 40354-40320-120
Mini A2PATS (3 SSls) 40354-40320-30
Mini A2PATS -150 (3 SSls) 40354-40320-130
Mini A2PATS (4 SSls) 40354-40320-40
Mini A2PATS -150 (4 SSls) 40354-40320-140
Mini A2PATS (5 SSls) 40354-40320-50
Mini A2PATS -150 (5 SSls) 40354-40320-150
Mini A2PATS (6 SSls) 40354-40320-60
Mini A2PATS -150 (6 SSls) 40354-40320-160
Mini A2PATS (7 SSls) 40354-40320-70
Mini A2PATS -150 (7 SSls) 40354-40320-170
Mini A2PATS (8 SSls) 40354-40320-80
Mini A2PATS -150 (8 SSls) 40354-40320-180

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