RF Synthesizers

  • VXI

    Open architecture for chassis systems in automated test equipment

  • SSI

    Direct-Digital-Synthesis microwave signal generators capable of generating arbitrary waveforms


3MHz-40GHz frequency with 0.04Hz resolution
Supports external modular inputs
Excellent spectral purity, low phase noise
VXI 3.0 register interface device
Meets MIL-PRF-28800F and MIL-STD-190 Vibration and Shock specifications
3MHz - 40GHz
Vector signal generation
Output Power
+18.5 to -100 dBm (3MHz-20GHz)
+5 to -100 dBm (20-40GHz)
C-Size VXIbus, 2-slot width
VME eXtensions for Instrumentation

Textron Systems’ VXI RF Synthesizer provides an unmatched combination of frequency coverage, power range, signal fidelity, switching speed, and internal and external modulation capability. It can be utilized as a general-purpose bench top signal generator, in complex automated test equipment (ATE) systems, or in electronic warfare simulators.

Additional Specifications

Modulation Schemes
AM, FM, Pulse and user-defined schemes
Frequency Accuracy
± 50 ppb
Frequency Switching Speed
<500 ns between any two frequencies
< -55 dBC maximum @ +10 dBm output power level
Vector signal generation
Power Resolution
0.02 dB



Signal generation for A2PATS (up to 8 SSIs per port)
Can generate up to 4 continuous wave signals simultaneously
Controls all signals in amplitude, phase and time
1.1 GHZ/us Wideband Chirp Option
20 MHz – 22GHz
40 GHz option
0.022º/1.7º RMS
Pulse Range Interval
512nd to 1.0 s/20 ps+-1.0ns
Synthetic stimulus instruments

A2PATS state-of-the-art electronic warfare simulator uses identical phase coherent, VME direct digital Synthetic Stimulus Instruments (SSIs) as the RF signal sources. Electronic Systems’ simulators and testers use the VME based SSI and can be tailored with varying numbers of SSIs per port to support even the most stringent and demanding test scenarios.

Additional Specifications

Spurs & Harmonics
-60dBc (typ)/-55 dBc (max)