RF Flight Line Testers


Validates improvised explosive device (IED) jamming equipment
Provides an in-field confidence test for warfighters employing IED jammers prior to departure
Executes preprogrammed test sequences replicating threats
Simultaneously measures and analyzes background electromagnetic environment
Uses timing protocol to determine operational status of the unit under test
Rechargeable BB-5290 battery
Gross Weight (LB)
Less than 12 pounds
7 inches x 14 inches x 9.5 inches
Current and future counter-radio-controlled IED electronic warfare, or CREW, jammers
Verify mission readiness

The Universal Test Set (UTS) is a portable, battery-powered, programmable, ruggedized RF test set designed to validate improvised explosive device (IED) jamming equipment. The unit is intended to provide an in-field confidence test for warfighters employing IED jammers prior to departure.

Additional Specifications

Bands A, B & C
Operating Time
8 hours continuous
Direct sunlight and night vision compatible
Commercial air carrier
Operating Temperature
-20 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (F)



Allows realistic emitter simulations and multiple-threat scenario environments
Off-line test program development using commercial PCs
In-depth engineering troubleshooting in manual operating mode
Flexible architectures to handle additional, non-flight line applications
Expandable hardware and software to meet future test requirements
10 MHz to 18.5 GHz (2 channels)
Up to 8 simultaneous emitters per channel
Fully programmable complex waveforms
Frequency Modulation
Continuous wave
Joint Service Electronic Combat Systems Tester

JSECST delivers confidence for flight crews and the technicians who support them. The JSECST quickly and accurately tests and fault-isolates electronic combat and avionics systems for today's most advanced combat aircraft. The AN/USM-670A refreshes and enhances the technology, restarting the product's life cycle to extend service life beyond 2030.

Additional Specifications

Ability to add new technologies


Model 527

Determines the status of electronic warfare (EW) radar warning reciever systems on operational aircraft through free-space radiation functional testing
Handheld and portable with an extensive battery life
Compatible with JSECST and A2PATS enhancing vertical test capability and minimizing maintenance downtime
Compatible with a variety of platforms
Fully programmable advanced modulations including circular, sector, spiral, conical, and others
500 MHz to 18 GHz
Frequency Switching Speed
1 microsecond
Validating electronic warfare radar warning receiver systems

The Model 527 Radar Signal Simulator is designed to determine the status of electronic warfare radar warning receiver systems on operational aircraft through free-space radiation functional testing. The Model 527 delivers organizational-level flight line verification of the operational status of an aircraft and its EW systems. Operational readiness and threat recognition are verified from antenna to cockpit display.

Additional Specifications

Gross Weight (LB)
Less than 27 pounds w/ 2 batteries