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At Paris Air Show 2017, Textron Systems introduced the Nightwarden tactical unmanned aircraft system (TUAS), building on the company’s Shadow M2. Bill Irby discusses the new capabilities. Read more
From out of the shadows comes the future in tactical unmanned aircraft systems (TUAS), the NIGHTWARDEN<sup>TM</sup> TUAS. Read more
Ahead of the 2017 International Paris Air Show, Textron Systems Weapon & Sensor Systems Senior Vice President & General Manager Brian Sinkiewicz notes that many international customers are thinking small when it comes to airborne precision weapon systems. Read more
Ahead of the 2017 International Paris Air Show, Textron Systems Unmanned Systems Senior Vice President and General Manager Bill Irby discusses the latest in unmanned technologies. Read more
The Paris Air Show brings together the best of aviation. Textron Systems, a world leader in Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System (TUAS) technology, is preparing to unveil the future of TUAS at this year’s event. Read more
Michael Paturzo, managing business development director at Textron Systems Electronic Systems explains the technology, and how it is evolving for new-generation aircraft warning systems that use more of the electromagnetic spectrum. Read more
Ahead of GEOINT 2017, Textron Systems Geospatial Solutions Senior Vice President and General Manager Daryl Madden discusses technology trends for a variety of mission sets. Learn more during GEOINT at booth #741. Read more
Mobile digital devices pervade every area of modern life, from mobile phones and vehicle smart consoles to the array of devices utilized in the typical workplace. The military is no different; in fact, military research and development often leads to the most profound consumer technology advances. Read more
Textron Systems' Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle (TAPV) isn't meant to be clean, and it isn't meant for leisurely drives. It's meant for extreme weather, tough landscapes and demanding missions. Read more
Manager Production Control & Logistics Kevin Conte and Senior Manager Production Control & Logistics Carleigh Lytle discuss ISC, as well as opportunities for talent development in the discipline. Read more